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TitleTap is proud to announce that it has partnered with Bank Shot; the mobile app that allows the real estate and title industry to safely and securely manage and deposit funds.

No more mystery checks nor wires that need to be matched to contracts. Users can simply take a picture…

TitleTap is proud to announce the addition of online payments provider to the TitleTap Integrations HUB. ‘s digital platform allows home buyers the ability to securely send funds for earnest money, cash to close for refinances, and more!

The partnership will help customers streamline how they market their…

Websites for service businesses like title companies or law firms are all too often to be looked at as an apples-to-apples comparison.

But what you get from a website builder like Wix, isn’t the same you’d get from your IT, which is also different from what you’d get from a marketing agency or freelance web developer.

The pandemic caused a vast number of changes to how we all interact and do business with one another.

At the time of so many drastic changes, your website was probably NOT your top priority. During this strange time, we have discovered 7 things that EVERY service business website now needs in a post-pandemic world.

That’s right, having a COVID POLICY on your website is now becoming almost as…

A few months ago a prospective customer mentioned that, not even two years prior, they paid nearly $100,000 for their current website.

Our natural question was “Why are you looking into a new one?”

Their response: “Our market, direction, and focus have changed. We have to pay that firm more in order to update it which doesn’t make sense after that much time and money. You all offer more for less.”


If you have been in business for any amount of time, you have probably noticed that most markets tend to be cyclical and require some evolution in order to survive.

A company that was once king often has to adapt to stay relevant.

For instance, Sears used to be the poster child of retail, then came along Walmart, and now we have Amazon.

Where did Sears go? (I loved their catalog when I was a kid.)

The Power of Online Reviews

What you may not…

Although nobody knew what to expect, coronavirus has caused many companies to close, yet other companies to thrive.

Real Estate and Legal Services were no exception to this.

One common question we’ve received over the years is “why should I market when I’m already too busy?”

It is a valid question, but what is important to remember is that most industries are cyclical — meaning that they grow…

Competition can be a good thing.

Others entering into a market that you are in usually validates there is a need to be met, and having options is typically a great thing for the consumer.

Heck, in many cases competitors can even be great referral partners. For example, TitleTap has…

What do your last 8 out of 10 deals tell you about the business you have? Are they all purchases? Are they coming from Realtors or Lenders? Do you see many Refinances?

The answers to these questions will be a good starting point to help you navigate which type of…

The pandemic has forced title agents and attorneys to change how they market themselves.

Almost overnight, hosting parties, events, and taking Realtors to lunch was no longer as viable of a marketing option as it once was.

Fortunately digital solutions have been around for several years and continue to evolve…


Websites for Title Companies

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